About Jillies Natural

I would like to think of my story as a top down one, truly head to toes. I shall never forget that fateful day, when I was about to turn 20 years old. I had acne break out. The horror!!! I was mortified and could not understand - why would I start having acne at that age? I thought people dealt with acne in their teens in high school! But such is life, some blessings are really disguised.

There started my long search for a safe, reliable and environmentally friendly solution to deal with the acne. I was very conscious not to use toxic and unsafe products. I was adamant to be kind and loving in treating my face. It wasn't easy because I could not afford the expensive so called natural products.

I'm a practical kinda girl, so I took matters into my hands and decided to make something for myself in order to treat my skin. I researched and found very interesting solutions that were mostly pantry based; such as apple cider vinegar, turmeric spice, essential oils, honey, lemons, avocadoes, clay masks, Aloe Vera, etc. I tried just about anything that I knew was plant based and unharmful. It was an interesting time of experimenting and I had a good time trying out everything.

So, while I was researching and experimenting, I came across a moisturising gem: SHEA BUTTER. The benefits of this baby are priceless!! I used to have dry skin; more so on my legs. You see what I mean about the head to toe story;)

I then started making my own concoctions at home from plant based ingredients such as coconut oil, cocoa butter, essential oils, etc. It has always been my intention and purpose to use natural ingredients so that my products are safe and harmless on the skin.

And here we are today, a female and black owned business that manufactures excellent skin and hair natural products. I am now offering to take care of your skin and hair with the same love and kindness that I demonstrated to my own skin. You are rest assured that our products are safely made with love & care.


“Today, I noticed that my 16 year old son’s skin is noticeably clear and glowing. Upon inquiry, he told me that he is using Jillie’s Natural Body Souffle😊. I only bought 3 jars for me and the girls, not the boys. He has dry skin and would breakout every now and then. We seem to have found a solution for his skin. – Ginny Khumalo”

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